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Powerboats at the Rallye Suneeker

25 Feb 2012

Powerboats at the Rallye Suneeker

Anya Colley 7 times World Jet ski Champion and Jack Moule British Freestyle ski champion, ranked second in the World joined Shelley at the Rallye Sunseeker on Saturday 25th February on a dedicated powerboat stand to promote the sport they love and show off all their race toys.

Many thanks to Alex Mellon from Rallye Sunseeker for inviting Shelley several months ago and having the inspiration to include powerboats into a very car oriented world.  The dream team of Anya Colley, Jack Moules,  & Nikki Drummond from the RYA joined Shelley on the powerboat stand which displayed a P1 Superstock Powerboat, Anya's very pink race ski and two of Jacks's stunt skis.  The team were made very welcome by the car world and had loads of interest from all the Rallye supporters as they sat in the P1 Superstock boat,  admired the skis and chatted to the racers. 

Shelley said " we had  a great day and enjoyed telling all the Rallye guys we do the same as you just on water! my race set up is so similar to rally car racing. Its amazing what you can do to promote your sport with no budget but a liitle bit of effort and enthusiasm from everyone"

Huge thanks must go to Gary Coleman who helped the girls set up the event stand on Friday and then to the Moule family - Ian and Suzanne for helping at the event and de-rigging. 

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