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Name: Shelley Jory
Age: 40
Occupation: Business woman/ British Power Boat Champion
Shelley Jory is one of the United Kingdom’s leading powerboat racers and the top female in the world.  Shelley, from Hampshire, runs a successful family bridal business - a far cry from the world of powerboat racing.

The 2010 Season so far..........

Saw Shelley enter the 2010 Powerboat GPS World Championship with a new team, new Boat and new Sponsor in Rotary Watches. Shelley was ready to power her way to the top and claim her coveted World Title. The season got off to a flying start and after the first grand prix Shelley was second in the world championship and her and her new partner Patrick Huybrieghts were favourites to win the title.

Shelley’s bid for a World Championship title however was shattered at the third event of the season when her boat Spirit of Belgium sunk in Sardinia and both Shelley and her throttleman ended up in hospital and forced to retire from the rest of the competition and left Shelley questioning her future as a racer.



2009 Powerboat P1 World Championships

Powerboat driver Shelley has made history once again this year heading up the first all female team to enter the Powerboat P1 World Championship series. Partnered by maltese throttlewoman Audrien Ciantar the ladies of Team Iko Casa have shot to the top leaving most of their male competitors in thier wake. Racing a 41 foot Chaudron in the Supersport class with a pair of 525 EFI V8 Mercurys the ladies took their first Grand prix win in Istanbul, Turkey.

2008 Powerboat P1 World Championships

Shelley made history in 2008,  being the first women to compete in the Evolution class of Powerboat P1, the Formula 1 of power boat racing.  Partnered by American Nigel Hook she has been racing in a 38 foot Mercury Powered Skater Powerboat sponsored by her long time sponsor, Raymarine and US company, Lucas Oil. 

Shelley entered this prestigious race series as a rookie but certainly not a novice! She has more than proved herself amongst her male competitors, with a second- and third-place finish in Italy and a final podium of the season in Spain, earning them a sixth place in the 2008 World Championships.  As a result, Shelley is already making plans to return to the class next year.   Anyone who has come to know Shelley and her power boat racing career will know that she is looking for a world championship to add to her trophy cabinet and will not stop until she gets it.

2005 - 2007 Honda Formula 4Stroke British Championship.
Shelley takes on a new race partner - a complete novice to the sport. They start training in January 2005 and immediately make an unbeatable, determined team. At the first race of the 2005 season they take their first win and then go from strength to strength. The championship goes to the wire! The final round produces two phenomenal wins to give Shelley her first ever British championship title. Two further seasons in the Championship sees the girls on the podium every time, an unbeaten record.  It is no wonder that Honda included Shelley in their Hondamentalist TV campaign;  appearing on the ITV Formula One adverts.

2004 Shelley was asked to lead the first all girl team in the British Honda Powerboat Series taking 3rd place. She went on to retain the 2003 “3 hour” Endurance Race on Lake Windermere.

2002 Shelley competes in the 2 Litre World Championships winning the bronze medal, then goes onto win the Gibraltar Championships with Shelley collecting “First Lady” trophy.

Shelley is much respected in her sport and gains wide press coverage, featuring the Honda Formula 1 ad campaign, in a number of national newspaper features and many sporting magazines. She currently co-hosts BBC Radio Solent’s H2O Show  and features prominently in the coverage of the P1 series.

For the past decade Shelley has forged her way through the male dominated sport of power boating. Shelley is an articulate and motivational speaker, passionate about her sport with a winning personality.


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