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A Testimonial from Martin Sanders - general manager Honda UK Power Equipment

"Racing is part of Honda's DNA. The company's founder Mr Honda always said that racing improves the breed, and that the lessons learnt and the discipline of racing are what makes Honda the company it is today.

Honda's history is based on racing on land, whether it be on 2 or 4 wheels, and Honda have always achieved the highest honour in whichever series they have competed in.

Honda Marine engines have been made since 1964 and have always been Four Stroke on Mr Honda's insistence that they operate as an environmental company. The engines were historically mainly small horse power, but in the mid '90s a new engine was launched, a big Four Stroke with 130 HP. In 1999, when Honda UK decided that it would be natural to race on water, these 130HP helped make this dream a reality.

On a wet and cold day in April 1999, 4 boats set out to race in Torquay and The Honda Formula Four Stroke Powerboat Series was born.

Seven years later, it is the largest Powerboat series in the world and attracts the attention of the world's media who enjoy watching exciting, competitive and exciting one design racing. The quality of the racing is down to the skill of the driver and the navigator. And it is their teamwork, not only during the race but also in their preparation, which will determine their success.

Teamwork has been the key to Team Raymarine's success in the 2005 225 Championships, the pinnacle of the Honda Formula Four Stroke Powerboat Series. Shelley and Libby showed that preparation, determination, courage and a challenging spirit earn a place at the top of the podium. Their determination and courage was demonstrated many times over the ten race calendar, as Shelley and Libby enjoyed and endured the highs and lows of racing.

Lesson s learnt from the 2005 season will no doubt be transferred to ensure that the Team Raymarine girls will defend their crown in 2006. The stage is set for the 8th year of the Championship and there is already huge anticipation in the Marine sporting world that the season and the series will be better than 2005. That's a tall order...but I know Shelly and Libby are up for the challenge.

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