The Business Women

Powerboat Champion Shelley Jory-Leigh has notched up another success – this time in her day job…

Shelley runs the family business, Brides of Southampton established in 1976 making it the oldest family bridal owned Bridal shop in the UK. It’s survived three recessions and been around for five royal weddings.

Shelley joined her parents, John and Shirley, to mark the day. Brides from across the decades joined them, some in their original wedding dresses. Dress designers and suppliers added their congratulations.

The business was started by Shirley Jory who moved to the South with her husband. She put her twenty years of London bridal wear experience to use in her own bridal business in the Portswood area of Southampton.

Shirley Jory attributes the success of the business to her long-term experience in the bridal fashion world and the treating of every bride as a “daughter”, wanting the very best for each of them. Shelley Jory says they have weathered all the economic uncertainties by having excellent, long serving staff, a careful attitude to expenditure and giving 120% customer service.