The Presenter

Shelley has been racing Powerboats for over 20 years now forging her way through the male-dominated sport of powerboat racing to make a name for herself both on the water and in the press from day one and achieving the title as one of the top racers in the world.

Her natural ability to talk to the press whenever needed earns her great jobs as a television presenter. After the serious powerboat racing accident in 2010 which put Shelley on the sidelines for an indefinite time – the media world jumped at the chance to get her back on the Television and Radio – this time as an expert pundit for her sport which she loved so much. This was perfect for Shelley who was suffering badly from her injuries and mentally could not race for the foreseeable future, she could now support her sport on another dimension.

Shelley enjoys presenting for Sky Sports, CBS America and loves her own BBC Radio Show H20 Show which she co-hosts with Sir Robin Knox Johnston. In 2017 Shelley took on a new venture where she will be taking her commentating skills to the Live Streaming social media to promote the National Uk Thundercat Racing Series and many other racing series across the world.

Throughout Shelley’s racing career – she has not been afraid to stand up and share her thrills and spills which she does extremely well and with a great deal of passion on the speaker’s circuit – after dinner, award ceremonies and motivational events including performances for Chase JPMorgan, Royal Southern Yacht Club, Yorkshire Police Force and very proudly as a YB for Trinity House.